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About the Author

Debra is a retired Anthropologist and educator, born and raised in British Columbia. She's worked in museums in BC, Alberta and the Northwest Territories, and spent a year in South Australia on a teaching exchange.


A love of good stories led to her appetite for well-written books, then an interest writing. A number of her short stories have been published and she's won several prizes for her fiction. Currently, she's working on a mystery series set on northern Vancouver Island (see Hooked on Murder excerpt).


In her spare time, Debra enjoys running, biking and swimming. She's trained for and completed in numerous triathlons and was proud to represent Canada in the age group Multisport World Championships in 2017.


Seeing the world is at the top of Debra's bucket list. She's spent time travelling in France, Spain, Turkey, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Australia, Fiji, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and throughout Canada and the U.S.A. During a recent trip in China, Debra climbed the Great Wall and while visiting Egypt, she travelled down the Nile by boat, exploring the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Karnak and Cairo.

Concern for the environment informs Debra's writing. She belongs to a number of organizations that share her desire to protect our planet for future generations.


Debra lives on the west coast of Canada in Sidney, BC.

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