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Old woman or little girl, woman in a dirigible or woman on her death bed, woman in history or the girl next door—we know them because their experiences are ours. Well, maybe not all their experiences…


This second anthology from members of the Canada West Chapter of Sisters in Crime finds women and girls at perilous points in their lives. From real estate agents to house cleaners, school girls to exterminators, you will find a delicious array of women, some with outrage in their hearts—and some with murder—but all of them committing or solving crimes in new and imaginative ways. 


The sixteen short stories in Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age range from light-hearted to heart-breaking, and from romantic to treacherous. All of them deal with courageous women of a certain age.

Click here to check out Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age available in both e-book or paperback format. You're sure to enjoy Debra Henry's "Almost Invisible".


Come. Catch the Crime Wave.

The proverbial observation "revenge is a dish best served cold" drives stories such as the profoundly satisfying "Almost Invisible."
Gail Bowen
Author of the Joan Kilbourne Shreve mystery series
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Crimes at sea, in coastal villages, in wind-tossed prairie fields, on icy mountains and in valleys that trap their residents in fear.

In this first anthology from members of the Canada West chapter of Sisters in Crime, the mysteries unfurl in the cold of the Yukon, on a cruise ship, along the west coast of Vancouver Island and BC interior, in a dying Alberta town and in a Saskatchewan farming community. They're investigated by an amateur sleuth, a freezing cross-country skier, the desperate owner of struggling B&B, a teenaged girl, an RCMP officer, a cruise ship entertainer and a senior combatting dementia.

The eight mystery stories in Crime Wave range from thrilling, to wistful, to laugh-out-loud funny.

Click here to check out Crime Wave on Amazon. Available in both Kindle and Paperback format.

Come Catch the Wave.

Coming Soon
Hooked on Murder
Fish on Hooks

When the body of a fish farmer is found floating in one of Ocean Bounty's net pens with a gaff hook planted firmly in his back, Constables Hazel Quinn and Mark Connors of the Turnaround Bay RCMP set out to catch a killer.


As the two begin to interview the long list of possible suspects, it quickly becomes clear that the town's residents are deeply divided over the multi-billion-dollar fish farm industry. Some people appreciate the jobs it brings to the community while others have been picketing the farm, threatening violence over the environmental damage it causes.


Quinn and Connors are busy searching for evidence and checking alibis when another Ocean Bounty employee, a biologist, is killed in an explosion while refuelling her boat. Who is intent on killing fish farmers and why? The eventual discovery of the murderer and their motive reveal the dangers of a world hooked on fish.


Set in the isolated community of Turnaround Bay on Canada's rugged west coast, Hooked on Murder tackles the controversial subject of farming fish in the ocean, painting a timely portrait of a community grappling with a question that faces the world today: Can we continue to promote economic growth at the expense of environmental protection?

Childrens' Books

Turnaround Bay
Coastal Navigation Sailing Course

“Everyone comes from somewhere, right? I bet you live in a town or a city and go to school with kids your own age… My name is Lucy K. Brown and I live in Turnaround Bay–in the middle of No-where. No malls, No theatres, No roads, and now that they’re closing it down there’s not even a school here in Turnaround Bay.”

Then, the summer Lucy turns twelve, Tidewater Tara comes to Turnaround Bay. She brings with her a love of the ocean, her two dogs Flotsam and Jetsam and her ability to have fun.


When Tara leaves Turnaround Bay, Lucy promises to look after the ocean. But Tara goes missing and Lucy isn't sure she can save the ocean when an environmental disaster strikes.

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